Why You Should Buy a Fragrance Gift Set Instead of Just a Perfume Bottle

As a young child, we indeed naughtily peeked inside those colored boxes that were sealed with ribbon as we had always been told that surprises came in every box. These boxes were mystical and tempting apart from that embellished wrap and lovely bow seated on top. Each moment of waiting was just so hard to bear that we usually ended up breaking up all the rules. We could feel the surge of excitement as we then eagerly lifted the lid and our eyes could not stop from gleaming at that marvelous gift which could only be found at the heart of that neatly wrapped package.

From that moment on, we fell in love with that gift and eventually threw the joy-giver countless hugs and kisses to let him know how glad we were. We mused at the thought that we may be the happiest person on this planet. We couldn’t put that gift aside. There was just no way that we were going to let it slip out of our sight and so we held it close to our heart even while trying to sleep. Finally, we fell into a deep trance halfway through the bedtime story with a huge smile spread across our faces.

Gift giving is very symbolic. It may connote love, trust, honor, gratitude, friendship, and sincerity, as it would touch anybody’s soul. It may also perhaps be an act of forgiveness and absolution as it can free anyone from feelings of guilt. In addition to that, it brings about joy and laughter to any withered heart. With every pack comes an enchanting surprise that can transform everyone’s perception about life.

Knowing the right kind of present might be grueling for most of us. At times, we would cross our fingers, as our loved ones would carefully open that little present that we had for them. However, perfume gift sets are perfect for any season. As the snowflakes fall, the scent of jasmine, honeysuckle and hazel fills the air. When the spring flowers begin to bloom, a hint of dandelions hypnotizes them. As the sun radiates its heat when summertime comes, a flowery scent of freesia and carnations enliven their day. Finally, when autumn comes, pansies, asters and chrysanthemums blossom and send out their enticing fragrance.

However, for fragrance gift sets, our loved ones never have to wait for the seasons to change. A single spray of perfume during winter would make the atmosphere warm. A splash of cologne during spring can send out butterflies. One can experience the true essence of perfumes as it can beguile them that it is summer even though the red and orange leaves start falling from the maple trees. With any fragrance gift set, we certainly don’t have to linger waiting for one climate to be over.

If you are planning to bestow a loved one or if you wish to give out a token to a friend, perfume gift sets and cologne gift sets are never amiss for any occasion. A body lotion, shower gel, deodorant stick, aftershave, soap, or shampoo complements each set of fragrance. Spoil your loved ones by letting them experience not only one product, not two, but also perhaps up to four goodies that come along every box. Each fragrance is intricately laid inside a special box that is sure to fluster anyone just by the mere sight of it. You can as well feel elated upon seeing your significant other display an overjoyed expression.

Buying a fragrance gift set is the biggest hit in town, as when it is opened it can definitely cast its spell on any recipient. If given to your significant other, its alluring redolence will make them feel special as it signifies affection and romance. If you plan to surprise your boss, he will definitely praise you for your delectable taste in perfumes or colognes other than your ability to work at the office. Once your daughter receives this, she would smile showing off her loose tooth to your delight. If you intend to surprise your young boy, then you will send him jumping up and down his bed. These items are definitely the best keepsake that your best friend could keep. Lastly, to accord this surprise to anyone is a noteworthy act of compassion.

A wide array of fragrance gift sets that come in various brands and hold appealing labels that bear the names of famous Hollywood celebrities like J Lo, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Calvin Klein, Usher, Perry Ellis etc are perhaps the best perfumes from this industry that the world could ever see. Apart from that, you can choose and select from designer labels like Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang and Thierry Mugler. Each fragrance and its complementary contents are all wrapped in a box for your convenience. Some sets come in a toiletry bag or a cosmetic bag that would send their heart thumping across their chests, as they would try to open the package.

To begin with, you may show deep and ardent affection by giving your woman a fragrance set by J Lo. Allow her to radiate and outshine others with its mystifying flair with the J Lo Glow gift set. If you wish her to feel like an Heiress, entice her with any of Paris Hilton’s gift set favors. If she is a princess type of girl, you can save her from distress by giving her a lavish Can Can perfume gift set or you may satisfy her mental acquisitiveness and fantasies with Curious and Fantasy gift sets by Britney Spears. On the other hand, if you are a woman who wants to impress her man, Calvin Klein cologne gift set is the first recommended product that you should let him try. When doing so, just make sure to prepare yourself, as he would smother you with kisses and caresses.

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Choosing an Online Perfume Shop

Buying perfume online has many benefits. For one, it is definitely much more convenient than having to visit a brick and mortar store. But there are also certain risks involved. For example, you may end up buying fake perfume. Or perhaps the payment gateway is not a secure connection. Here are some tips on how to choose an online perfume shop.

1) Buy from an online store in your region.

When buying perfume, try to buy from an online store that you can get in touch with. For instance, if you live in the UK, shop for fragrances on UK websites. If anything goes wrong, or if you require an exchange, you can always contact the online store. They will be more than happy to attend to you. But if you make a purchase from an online store that is on the other side of the planet, getting support is going to be tough.

2) Beware of fakes!

This is perhaps the most important element that you need to take note of. The Internet is ideal for unscrupulous businessmen who want to take advantage of the marketplace. These are retailers that attempt to sell fake perfumes at the price of genuine products. You can’t really tell from the pictures. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, be sure to investigate further before whipping out your credit card.

3) Accepts secure payments.

Online payment is very convenient. A few simple clicks, and the transaction is complete. But it is not without security threats. For example, making a payment via an unsecured gateway means that your credit card information can be intercepted by third parties. To ensure that all payments are made securely, make sure that the http protocol has an “s” at the end – “https”. The browser will also show a padlock at the status bar, showing that the connection is a secure one.

4) Buy from reputable online retailers.

Technology aside, it is still possible for others to collect credit card information illegally. To prevent this from happening, always buy from reputable online retailers. These are usually perfume sellers who have been selling fragrances for years.

5) Excellent support.

In the event that you need some advice on what to buy, or you run into some problems with the transaction, the vendor should provide excellent support. Try emailing the perfume seller and ask a few questions about the fragrances. For instance, you can always inquire about the type of fragrance for a particular product line, since you can’t really test out the fragrance online. The retailer should respond quickly to your emails.

6) Wide range of products.

Next, you want to buy from someone with a wide variety of perfumes. Very few people stick to just one or two fragrances. The fact is, we all engage in different activities in our daily lives. So it makes sense to own different fragrances for different occasions. Having a wide range of products means that you can always go back to buy from the same online retailer. Sometimes, when you buy in bulk, you even get better discounts!

7) Free samples promotions.

Free samples are not always available. Usually, manufacturers give out limited quantities when they release new products. Be sure to check out the free samples section to request for fragrances that you want to try out.

Pusanga – The Perfume Of Love

The quest for love unites us all. What if you could find it – and a simple perfume could help? That would be magic, wouldn’t it? Read on!

In the spiritual traditions of the Amazon in Peru, this magical perfume is called pusanga. It is a made from flowers and plants which have the power to attract to the people who wear it the things they really want. For that reason, pusanga has developed an impressive reputation as “the love medicine of the Amazon”‘ because love, of course, is the thing most people do want!


Beautiful smells derived from flowers and herbs have always been used for healing and attracting love. Even the word ‘perfume’ comes from per fumer (Latin, ‘through smoke’), and is a reference to its ritual use in ceremonies for the gods who offer love’s blessings.

The ancient Greeks, for example, believed that sweet aromas were how the deities made their presence known. The oracle priestesses of Delphi would sit in the smoke of bay leaf incense to allow these gods to speak through them during divinations to help people in their search for love.
In India, too, seers called dainyals would surround themselves with smoke – this time of cedarwood – which would send them into trance and give them prophetic visions.
Fragrance has also long been associated with the arts of love. In Japan, Geisha girls priced their services according to the number of incense sticks consumed during love-making, while in Indian tantric rituals, men were anointed with sandalwood, and women with jasmine, patchouli, amber, and musk. Saffron was crushed and smeared beneath their feet.

The reason for these rituals is that smell is the most powerful of our senses and is able to stimulate desire, longing, and lust, stir our memories, and carry associations of love and happiness. Scientists have found that even a year after we meet a new person, their aroma stays in our minds, whereas visual memory drops to 50% after just three months, so we may not even remember their faces. The sense of smell is handled by the limbic system, which controls our emotions, so perfumes evoke feelings as well as memories, and we experience not just an odour but a mood.

This is the secret of pusanga. By mixing plants and flowers to create particular aromas which affect the moods of those who smell them, the shamans of the Amazon say that pusanga can cause anyone to fall hopelessly in love with the wearer. One of these shamans, Javier Aravelo, puts it this way: “When you pour pusanga onto your skin it penetrates your spirit and gives you the power to draw in love”.

How you find the right plants to do this is another secret, known as the Doctrine of Signatures. This is the idea that the Creator has left a mark or “signature” on every plant in the world to show what it is used for. The discoverer of this phenomenon was Paracelsus, a 6th century alchemist who noticed how the appearance of plants so often reflects their qualities – that the seeds of skullcap, for example, resemble small skulls and, it turns out, are effective at curing headache, or that willow, which grows in damp places, heals rheumatic conditions, which are caused by damp and the build-up of fluid on the joints.

In fact, as Thomas Bartram, a modern herbalist, remarks in his Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, “Examples are numerous. It is a curiosity that many liver remedies have yellow flowers, those for the nerves (blue), for the spleen (orange), for the bones (white). Serpentaria (Rauwolfia) resembles a snake and is an old traditional remedy for snake-bite. Herbalism confirms the Doctrine of Signatures”.


Following this Doctrine, the basis for pusanga in the Amazon is agua de colpa. This is water collected from clay pools deep in the rainforest, where there are no people, only thousands of brightly-coloured animals who gather to drink from the water. Some of these animals are natural enemies, but at the clay pools they stand peacefully together to drink from water which is rich in mineral content and needed for their well-being. This water, in other words, has the power to attract some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet to a place where they exist harmoniously together.

Added to this magical water are special herbs, plants, barks, roots or leaves, which also have the quality of attraction due to their colours, names, or where and how they grow. In the rainforest, for example, there are vines called sogas, which are recognised as pusanga plants because they wrap themselves around trees and draw close to them so they grow together.

Special scented liquids, such as agua florida (which means “water for flourishing”), are also added to the mixture, which is then blessed by the shaman to empower it. This is done by blowing or singing into the pusanga, sometimes with the breath, sometimes with sacred tobacco smoke. The traditional blessing whispered to the pusanga is “salud, dinero y amor” (“health, money and love”).

Once it is made, pusanga is used like a perfume, with a few drops rubbed on the pulse points of the wrists and neck, or a capful or two can be added to bath water.


If you want more love in your life (and who doesn’t!) and would like to make pusanga of your own, just follow these instructions and romance will come your way!

The Doctrine of Signatures is your guide to collecting the plants you need. Pusanga plants for love all have certain characteristics. Their names are often significant, such as passionflower or honeysuckle (“honey” for sweetness and “suckle” for nurturing). Their colours are bright and attractive. The way they grow may also be important (ivy, for example, winds itself around other plants so the two intertwine and are drawn closer together). Their archetypal qualities may also call you (rose, for example, is nowadays practically synonymous with love). Where the plants grow can also have meaning (two plants standing together in sunlight within an otherwise dark forest signify a bright future, for example) – and so on. Look for plants that mean something to you and the desires you have.

When you locate each plant spend a little time with it, explaining your need and asking it to offer itself to you before you pick it (you don’t need to take the whole plant; a single leaf, a flower, or a piece of bark will do as this contains the energy of the whole. Try to avoid taking roots if you can). Then, when you take a piece, offer your thanks and perhaps a gift of your own, such as corn or tobacco, as they do in the Amazon. All of this is important in helping you connect with nature and develop the right attitude of respect.

When you have the plants you want, take them home and put them in a clear bottle. If you intend to use the pusanga over a few days, you can fill the bottle with water taken from ‘power places’, such as Holy water from a church or a place of spiritual power like the Chalice Well at Glastonbury, or you can use spring or mineral water. If you want to keep the pusanga a while, though, it is better to use alcohol instead of water as this will preserve the plants.

Lancome – Perfumes and Cosmetics Empire

Talk about beauty and cosmetics and for sure, experts would raise the name of the world’s biggest beauty and cosmetics firm, L’Oreal Group. From the world’s beauty and fashion capital, Paris in France, comes the company that focuses on bringing to consumers the best brands for skin and hair care. When it comes to perfumes, the company surely would not be left behind. Its Lancome Paris unit manufactures Lancome perfumes that are truly among the most patronized and loved all around the world.

Imitation, as they say, is the greatest form of compliment. One proof that Lancome perfumes are well received and are loved the world over is the rampant selling of counterfeit and imitated forms of the items.

Anti-counterfeit regulators and experts from all around the planet identify Lancome perfumes as one of the top perfume brands that are imitated, counterfeited and sold to the mass market in important cities in Asia and Europe. Though the illegal transactions are harming the business, Lancome says the imitations affirm the brand’s reliability and popularity.

The initial Lancome perfumes were introduced to the market in 1935. It was in Brussels where the first five of the fragrances were launched. Those fragrances were Tropiques, Bocages, Kypre, Tendre Nuit and Conquete. L’Oreal acknowledges the fact that the perfumes were what made Lancome what it is today—a famous brand not just of perfumes but also of skincare and cosmetics products. Thus, Lancome perfumes are important products and have always been considered assets of Lancome Paris.

Through the years, Lancome perfumes were able to withstand the tests of time. After being known as a premium brand of fragrances, Lancome have been among the top choices for scents by celebrities and the opulent. Numerous fragrance lines and names have been launched and introduced by Lancome.

Among them is Magie Noire, which is considered one of the most celebrated and popular women’s perfumes of all times. Unfortunately, because selling the fragrances through conventional means became challenging to the margins, Lancome decided to start selling them through online shopping sites. The initiative only made the line among the most sought-after and most priced catches.

Back to the problem of imitated and fake Lancome perfumes, the company is taking measures to crack down on those businesses that propagate and distribute such items. What is more interesting is the fact that fake Lancome perfumes are among the most purchased. To Lancome, that means people from all across the globe love the brand.

Because of high costs of buying the items, some consumers resort to buying the imitation Lancome perfumes because doing so brings them the opportunity to enjoy and wear the premium fragrance.

Lancome is indeed one of the most patronized perfumes that are out in the market. As fashionistas keep on buying and using Lancome cosmetics and skincare items, they surely are also out to put on their Lancome perfumes. Truly, Lancome perfumes can be classified as among the top prides of Paris. There is no doubt about it.

What Are the Top 5 Most Popular Perfumes in History?

Perfume is one of the most important aspects of making a good first impression. Your sense of smell is contained within the right portion of your brain which is also home to your emotions. This means that smells automatically evokes emotions and memories in those that you meet, so if you are wearing a particularly nice or famous scent then it will conjure up memories and emotions in peoples’ minds immediately before you have even opened your mouth. This can be, in most cases, extremely beneficial. Here are some of the most popular and laterally most recognisable fragrances on the planet.

Chanel No.5

Chanel No.5 is the most popular fragrance in the world and has been pretty much since its launch in 1921. The perfume was developed by Ernest Beaux and launched by French style icon “Coco” Chanel; it rose from being merely popular to being an icon when in 1953 Marilyn Monroe was famously quoted as saying in response to the question: What do you wear at night? She replied, “What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No.5, of course…”

CK One

Calvin Klein’s unisex perfume staple is a long way behind the legendary Chanel No.5 in the legend stakes, but is arguably almost as popular today. Since its release in 1994 the scent and the bottle has lingered around copious bars and dressing tables across the globe and is as popular amongst men as it is women. This unisex phenomenon has become a benchmark for all other unisex fragrances to aspire to.


Another Calvin Klein creation, this classic fragrance has hit a nerve in the minds of many becoming one of the most popular fragrances of all time. A blend of both classic and modern notes allows Eternity to stand in a timeless position as people keep coming back for more.


Even though Chanel released this perfume 60 years after their legendary No.5 scent, Coco has already acquired a classic status. The bottle echoes No.5 but the scent is a completely different blend which has an oriental floral direction, much out of step with the artificial, non floral direction Coco Chanel had been looking for with No.5. Chanel have also had a great deal of success in their extensive range of men’s aftershave such as Allure and Antaeus.


Christian Dior launched Poison in 1985 and it has consistently been amongst the most popular perfumes on the market ever since. Its luxurious and intoxicating fragrance is a unique fragrance which has amassed a strong following.

How to Pick Perfect Fragrance for Your Girlfriend

How to Select Perfect Fragrance for Your Girlfriend

What can be the best gift for your girlfriend or your wife (if you are married)? Most people will say a red rose or a chocolate box but wait, you can make a third choice. Good perfume can be a great romantic gift for your girlfriend, but choosing a perfume is not always an easy task.

While choosing a perfume for your girlfriend, you will have to observe her personality. If you can buy a perfect fragrance for your girlfriend then it means you know her taste and preferences. In this article, I will show you how to pick a perfect fragrance for your girlfriend.

Whether it is dress, jewelry, or perfume; girls are really raw about their personality.They want to look special and different. This means you will have to choose something special for her. How? Here is the answer.

Be a Good Observer

Have you ever read detective novels? Now it is time to become a detective person. You will have to observe the personality of your girlfriend. What kinds of perfumes does she use? If you cannot find the answer, just ask her:

“I like your perfume. What it is called?” Try to get every detail about that specific perfume.

Personality Matter

The choice of a fragrance is a personal matter. Girls choose a perfume because they think it reflects their personality. Observe her dressing and the way she wears makeup. What is most special about your girlfriend? Why do you love her? If she is romantic she might love something like red roses or Valentina.

If she is a practical person then it is a nifty option to take her about perfume choice.If you know her personally, but still not sure what to do, then ask your heart and just pick a perfume for her. Share your thoughts with her and tell her that you thought this specific fragrance will suit her personality so you bought it for her.

Shop With Her

Go shopping with her. Ask her that you want to buy her a perfume. Ask about her choice and do not forget to give your opinion. Be sincere and share your thoughts about her personality. Believe me, girls value truthfulness instead of fake love. It will make her feel comfortable and you both can make a good perfume choice.

Surprise her with your option

It is alright to ask your girlfriend about her perfume choice but girls like secrets. They want to feel special and your girlfriend will really appreciate your efforts if you can buy her an amazing perfume. Just think about some changes in her personality. If you will describe her as a sweet person; how will her personality change if she becomes a mysterious girl?

Most people believe that if you know your girlfriend; you will find something perfect for her, but the situation can be different from that. The important thing is that you do not buy her something annoying. If you will express your feelings sincerely, your girlfriend will understand you and ultimately she will love your surprise gift.

Hope this helps.

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Omega Supplements and the Many Possible Health Benefits Form Their Use

Studies have been carried out by various health bodies and private organizations into the benefits of Omega 3. Resulting from these studies and tests various claims have been made and I will attempt to bring together some of these claims below. The information presented below has not been verified and is purely for educational use only. If you have any medical issues, then it is essential to get medical advice before using any omega supplement and expecting the supplement to cure the ailment.

So here is the lay mans list of claims, probably not exhaustive, because I am sure most people have some other ailment that Omega Supplements cure, some of these like this list are based on proper research, more of them might be in the category old wives tales and cures.

Cardiovascular disease has long been recognised as been minimized if we have an intake of Omega 3, indeed it is also claimed that heart disease is much lower where a high level of Omega 3 is ingested in the diet e.g. fish eating countries.

The growing problem of Diabetes may be counteracted somewhat by omega 3 fish oils as it helps to reduce some of the markers of diabetes such as apoproteins. The affect of lowering the markers is attributed to fish oils so it is imperative to get medical advice to sure you are using the correct omega supplement.

Fish Oils have been used for generation to relieve aches and pains in the bones and studies have proven that it does help to reduce the pain associated with arthritis.

Cancer particularly colon cancer risk is reduced when omega 3 supplements are part of the diet. It has long been recognised that Eskimos seem to suffer less colon cancer than other groups and this is generally attributed to their consumption of fish.

Use of omega supplements can help to reduce blood pressure, on the other hand people who are on blood thinning solutions need to have professional advice before embarking on a course of omega supplements.

An supplement that seems to have some positive benefit for most conditions if taken in the correct manner has obviously positive benefits in our interaction with other people and pops will swear it enhanced his libido over a number of years. Not sure if this was based on any scientific fact or not.

Finally supplements particularly omega 3 has long been seen as enhancing brain growth and studies have proven that omega 3 fatty assets are concentrated in the brain. Also pregnant women have for generations taken omega supplements. Studies have shown that this helps brain, vision and nerve growth in the foetus.

So where would you be going without your Omegas.

John Healy is interested in health issues and generally trying to improve health, wealth and wellbeing [http://omegasupplements.org]. Further information on this subject and related products can be got at Omega Supplements

or visit [http://omegasupplements.org]

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/John_J_Healy/710188

Corporate Astrology And Effects Of Various Planets


Corporate Astrology is the concept being developed by me though the signification of certain commodities, rather, every thing is attributed to the Planets by our sages. However, the principles laid down by our sages need to be interpreted with reference to modern times. Corporate astrology is the application of astrological principles to the companies, firms, institutions, organizations etc. It is pertinent to mention that it is on account of planetary forces that certain companies fail miserably and others prosper well. For the study of the company’s horoscope, apart from the date the birth-details of the Managing Director and one key person i.e. the whole – time or executive director and one key person i.e. the whole – time or executive director etc. the combined study would enables as to guide the prospects of the company and steps it would take to ensure prosperity.

It may not be possible to dwell at length with reference to all the astrological principle to but and attempt shall be made to tell about the commodities ruled by planets – the companies ruled by the plantes with brief reference to Naskshatra responsible for a particular commodity or product etc.

Connected with corporate astrology, a mention to the recent Solar Eclipse on 24th October, 1995 is inevitable; it has the effect of increasing the cost of ghee, edible oils, oil seeds, wheet (food grains), apples, carrot, tomatoes etc. Refer to my interview on Doordarshan on 19.10.1995 at 12.40PM – Metro channel and news in item in Sunday Observor dated 22.10.1995.

It is known to all that the Sun is the Central gigue and predominates over the entire celestial system. It owns the sings Leo and reles over Nakashatra Kritika, Uttara-phalguni and Uttar-ashada. The Sun represent Gold, Ruby, Pearls (Pearls also gets under the Moon), government’s financial schemes, banking business and financial institutions, with association of Mars, all electrical and electronic goods and their manufacture. Since the Sun is EYE apart from the Moon, all optical spectacles glasses business, jeweler and copper ornaments, metals, steel though mainly under Saturn is also attributed to the sun, though mainly attributed to Saturn and mars, Grass, dealings with affairs personal or social (public relations department of the companies would also come under the Sun) Blood red cloth, shores of a river, Red sandal paste or saffron, thick or coarse yard etc.

Leo Born persons ruled by the Sun i.e. those during 23rd July to 23rd August or those whose birth number is 1, 10 and 19 are aristocracies and live with royalty are aristocracies and live with royalty. Normally fortunate and earn from speculation. They earn as investors and nor as brokers. Benefits are drawn a from the transactions in above commodities or the companies dealing with those commodities.

Cotton market is expected to flare up when the Sun and the Mars come into one Nakshtra. This is a principle to be watched and applied.

With reference to modern times, the companies under the domain of the Sun are Ashok Leyland, Premier Padmni, Marut Udhyog, Tata Iron and Steel, Mukund Steel etc. with reference to Sun’s Nakshtras, Kritka speak of garlics, sun-flowers, green/red grams and also black (though some attribute to Saturn) and Urand. Uttara-Shada refers to lamfs, bulbs, furnaces, petro chemicals, words blades and also electronics.


Peace loving and security minded planet the Moon owns the Sign Cancer and governs the Nakshatras Rohini, Hasta and Saravna. With regard to commodities and companies, all matters relating to shopping, exports, alcohols, aerated waters, cold drinks (rather all liquids). Salts, silver jewelery, aluminum products, Boat clubs, swimming pool, snow, powdered products, mild perfumes, marine products, conchs, coconuts, stout sugarcane, water tanks whiteness and white things, fishing and fish industry, honey, Umbrella (Rahu also governs Umbrellas) Refind clothes. In addition, Roohini Nakshatra refers to Banana, lemons and sour fruits and food grains Hasta signifies perfumes, camphor, scants, sandal, hand gloves of rubbers and Sravana speak of curds, buttermilk, milk, holy-water say of the sacred River Ganges, betal nuts, chemicals, medicines, cast iron and lead etc.

Cancerian born person are ruled by the Moon i.e. those born between 22nd June to 23rd July and also those born on 2, 11 or 20 will gains from the above commodities or companies dealing with them. These people are very cautiously enterprising people and most of them benefit from long tem investments only. Some of them earn on account of their God-gifted institution and also impulsive trading. Such persons haven been found to be highly connected persons-VIPs. In some of the cases it has been that they earn better while doing business in the name of other persons. In addition, such person must stand informed about the latest market condition Fortunes come to them from exports or overseas connections.

Ups and downs in the market and daily fluctuations in the share market are mainly governed by the Moon and Mercury supported by the bandit of malefic influences of Jupiter who is signification of plenty and prosperity but at the same time responsible for slump or depreciation.


Mars the Universal Lord is also pervasive in various matters concerning the corporate sector. Mars owns Aries and Scorpio and rules over Nakshatra Mrigsara, Chita and Dhanishtha. Steal, motors rails etc. get to Mars. Elaborating the filed of Mars in the corporate sector, it is stated that it signifies, iron, steel, electricity (all products connected with electronics), furnaces, Burning, gas, tobacco, cigarettes, petro-chemicals, metals, copper cement (thought also under Saturn), stones/tiles Marbles, Dynamites, Explosive, Bombs and Missiles, Radiators, Welding machines and connected works, carpentry (wooden work). Detergents, Plastic Processing. The Nakshatras of Mars add and say : Mrigsara signify quadrupeds, Teeth Hormy animals. Stag Skins, Arms for hunting, Arrows and Bows, Guns and spears. Chritra refers to precious and semi-precious metals including old ornaments, luxury articles and auto-accessories, vehicles, shops\Cinemas, Textiles Industries. Dhanishta refers to Iron, Gold, Wheat, Industry, Mills, Factories, Safe\ Vaults etc.

Aries born i.e. between 21st March to 20th April, and Scorpio born between 24th October to 22nd November stand to gain form the above commodities inducing the companies dealing with above commodities. Similarity person born 3,9,12,18,27 are benefited from the above companies\firms. However it is found that Ariens are hasty whereas the scorpions are steady it is found that Ariens are hasty whereas the scorpions are steady. At the same time Ariens are hasty whereas the scorpions are more mature and have patience for long tem investments and consequently gain more.

Shares of the following companies come under Mars: Bharat Petrolium, Indian Aluminium, Atul Products, Cochin Refinery, Gujrat Fertilizers, India Cement, Alembic Chemicals.


The planet of Wings and Lord of trading activity, Mercury owns Gemini and Virgo and rules Nakshatra Ashlesh, Jashthay and Revil. Broadly, the Mercury rules over Silver, Pearls (Pearl also come under the Sun and The Moon), Emaralds, vegetables.

Horses (though fall underAswini) and also horse-trading (race courses), Construction of Places, Vedanta system of philosophy, Doctor/Medical practitioner, Theatres for dances and laughing (jokers), Mixtures of various substance (compounds), Birds and trading in birds, gardens/nurseries,

Nakshtras of Mercurry indicate more things relevant for the corporate sector. Aslesha indicate pure silver, mercury (quick silver, sugar candy, green greases, juicy vegetables, water-animals) water as snakes; crab etc, though they also come under Scorpio. Jeyshth refer to inflammable oile, chemical, googol, and Revti takes into accounts coconuts, betel, dispensary, films and film actors, books, library, schools etc.

Persons between 22nd May to 21st June (Gemini) and born between 24th August to 23rs September (Virgo) gain from above fields. Persons with date of birth ad 5, 14, 23 also get benefited. Actually this is a class of purely intellectuals like business magnetism shattered accountants, brokers, financers, money lenders etc. Most of these persons benefit from share market. Gemini’s though double minded are great entrepreneurs but Virgoans are wisest investors and business counselors including Masters of Business Administration. Apart from the above fields, these corporate men gain from financing, leasing, insurance, computer machines, pharmaceuticals and toy industry, transport and communication, brokerage, clubs/casinos, gambling’s, publication, printery, etx.

Mercury rules leasing and financing companies, banks mutual schemes, Zenith Computers, Vem Organic, Sandoz Pharma, Tata Chemicals and similar companies.


Jupiter owns Saggitarius and Pisces in the Zodiac, Nakshatras ruled by Jupiter are Purnavasu, Visakha and Poorvabhadrapad. In general Jupiter rules ever share-market, Zine, tin, topaz, steel, chocolates, paper, stationary, printing, bookshop, newspapers, banking financing, trusts and other charitable institutions, hospitals, aluminum, gold, capital estate, educational institutions, i.e. schools and colleges, public service, of the Managing Director/Chairman of the company) soft and pleasant stones, according to Nakshatras of Jupiter, Punavasu also signify fold and silver, jowar, cloth, book, pens, stationery, TVs, dancers etc and skin of trees, medicines, sweets, ghee, coins, wines, inns, hotels etc.

Persons born between 23rd November to 31st December (Saggitarians) and Persons born between 20th February to 20th March (Pisceans) and Person born on 3, 12 and 21st can prosper from the long term investments and long-term financial schemes., Pisceans should be careful because rich dividends may not come on account of Saturn but Saggitarians can reap good income as even Rahu can bring unexpected results.

Jupiterians can gain from shares of paper and pulp industry trees processing, Tata Tea, Raymond Woolen, companies dealing in edible oils i.e. Amrit Vanaspati etc. companies engaged in food processing i.e. Godrej Foods etc.

I say something more about Jupiter. If Jupiter aspects the Sun immediately on its entry into another sing, the slump in the markets of cotton and oil seeds cannot be rules out. There is over recession whenever the Saturn is in opposition of Jupiter. Thursday ruled by Jupiter has also a say in the matter – there will be a fall in general in share and commodity markets when there are five Thursdays in the Indian month.


Venus is the planet of luxurious goods including highly sophisticated good. Venus owns Taurus and Libra and rules over Bhani Poorva-Falguni and Poorva-ashada. In general Venus, form corporate astrological point of view, stand for copper, silk, cosmetics, high-class cloth inducing silk, soaps/ cosmetics/ beauty parlors, all types of decorations, foods and hotels, conned goods, real and imitation Jewelery, film, industry, pornography and music, all fancy items, fashion shows diamond. White colors also go to the Venus apart from pleasant musical instruments. The Nakshtras of Venus add to the above items, Bharni is for Chilies, medicine, hair oil etc. Poorva Falguni signifies wood, shining silk, jowar, sliver and gold, royal dress etc. Poorva-ashad signify Sandal, gold, diamond, rose water, perfumes, ice ghee etc.

Taureans (born between 21st April to 21st May) and Liberans (born between 24th September to 23rd October) and those born on 6, 15 and 24 would gain and an commercially minded. Taureans are security-minded but are luck to get easy money sometimes with out much efforts. Liberans have to work hard.

Following companies and their shares prove gainful to Liberans and Taureans:

Company’s engaed in fine tetiles-Bombay Rayon, Bhilwara Suitings, Gwalior Rayon, Videocon etc.

Cosmo-Films, hotel companies, Colgate Palmoliga etc.


The planet of destiny had also a major role to play in the development of corporate infra-structures. Saturn owns two signs Capricorn and Aquirius and rules Pusphya, Anuradha and Uttra-bhadraped. From commercial point of view i.e. corporate sector, Saturn in general stand for coal mines, lead, chemicals, steel plants, iron compressor’s, pumps, all types of machines, timber woods, bricks and cement, land and agricultural lands, hardware items, automobiles accessories (also in the domain of the Sun), titles/marbles, Nakshatra of Saturn add to these items: Pusphya Stand for ghee and gold, turmeric, rice, salt, butter, banana, rice, grams, jowar, coconut, ground nuts, chemicals specially connected with earth etc. Uttara-bhadra speak of drugs, strong wines, vicious drinks, tobacco stones, boots, leather, sugar canes etc.

Capricoms (born between 22nd December to 20th January) and Aqurians (born 21st January to 19th February) and also those born on 8, 17 or 26 of any month gains from above fields Capricornians are basically hard-working and need security of life. On the other hand Aqurians are fast, speculative and moderately enterprising. Rash speculation ends in enormous losses at times. Trading in shares is not advised not to do any risky trading/deals in the market specially for those who are born on 8, 17 or 26. MUST NOT BE SPECULATING IN ANY MARKET. Only long term investments are helpful. Patience is the key to success for them and they get amply awarded from slow moving projects.

The beneficial companies for these people are Steel Companies Say Tata, Mukund etc. Bajaj Electricals, Escorts Tractors etc in addition, we may name Kinetic Honda, Metal Box, Rathi Ispat etc.

Solar ingress on Saturday results in good rise in the markets of cotton and oil seeds, Similarly, Saturn with Mars aspecting the Sun may flare up the said market.

For want of time, I am not referring to Rahu and Ketu. But the effects have to be reduced from their placement, association, connection and aspect etc. keeping in mind the proverb ‘Shani Vat Rahu Kuja Vat Ketu’ i.e. Rahu is Saturn and Ketu is Mars.

Bhagya samhita remedies for moon, mars and mercury

BhagyaSamhitaUpcharVedic astrology says that there is a direct effect of planets on our lives. If planets in a horoscope are found to be weak or are in weakened then they have a malefic influence on one’s life. So, to curb the bad results caused by weak planetary positions you should follow the remedial methods related to them.


If Sun is in weakened or in or hurt position then the person should make donations to calm down its negative impact.

• Some effective donations include a cow along with its calf, jiggery, gold, copper, and wheat. Contribution of Sun’s gemstones is also beneficial.

• It has been mentioned in Vedic literature that donation proves to be most effective when it is made at the right time to the right person.

• The above stated things should be donated on Sundays during noon time and a person of age between forty to fifty years should perform this act.

• The negative influence of Sun can be reduced by feeding cow with a mixture of wheat and jiggery.

• The pretentious person should keep fasts on Sundays and serve poor people sweets made of wheat.

• If a person’s horoscope contains weakened Sun then he should serve his father and elder people as the Sun god likes such acts. Praying to the Sun god at early hours is also beneficial.


• If any person is suffering due to Sun debilitated position in his Horoscope he should not take wheat and jiggery.

• Wearing things made of copper will also give you negative results, so, avoid wearing them.


If Moon is in debilitated and or weak in your birth chart and you are suffering its inauspicious influence, there are some astrological remedies by which the negative impact can be reduced.

• Donation is considered the most sacred remedial method in every religious text. So, perform it with a pure heart to minimize the evil impact of Moon on your life.

• Some effective donations for Moon are white clothes, milk, silver, rice, etc. the influenced person should offer water to thirsty people. Donation of Moon’s gemstones is also very good.

Some important facts that should be kept in mind while making the donations for Moon • The days should be Mondays and the time should be evening hours.

• Donations should be given to women as it is considered good. If your Moon sign is weak then keep fast on Mondays.

• Feed a cow with wheat-bread and crows with rice mixed with sugar. Serve milk dessert to poor people and Brahmins.

• The negative tendency of Moon can be reduced by taking care of your mother and other elderly female persons.

• Things that should not be done if you have debilitated Moon

• If position of Moon is debilitated in your horoscope then avoid taking milk every day.

• Stop wearing white clothes, and perfumes.

• You can also donate gems related to Moon.


Astrology provides some remedial methods to pacify Mars from enforcing its malefic influence on you.

• An affected person should donate red ox, red clothes, gold, red pulses, and sweet bread.

• One can donate gemstone of this planet to calm it. This donation should be performed on Tuesdays at afternoon.

• The affected person should keep fast on Tuesdays and feed Brahmins or poor. He should meditate ten to fifteen minutes regularly.

• There is shortage of patience in Mars stricken people. To develop patience and tolerance he should take care of his younger brothers and sisters.


If Mars is in debilitated position in your Horoscope then try not to lose your temper and self-control. Avoid hurry and do not indulge in greediness.


Indian astrology recommends some remedies to reduce the malefic impact of Mercury.

• Donation of gold, green cloth, pulses, vegetables and green things is effective.

• Donating green bangles and clothes to eunuchs are considered best to calm Mercury.

• The act of donation should be performed on Wednesday afternoons.

• Some other important remedies to calm down Mercury are to feed green grass and leaves to cows, serve milk desserts to Brahmins, etc.

• The affected person should keep fast on Wednesdays and give water to a Tulsi plant regularly except for Sundays.

• Mercury affected person should take special care of their daughter, sister, and maternal aunties as Mercury cools down by these acts

The moon and the vedic astrology

The Moon is favourite of poets and lovers, main interest of scientists and very important in astrology. The Moon is supposed to be queen of the planetary kingdom as Sun is believed as a king. The Moon is the smallest planet. It is smaller than earth and 250,000 miles away from us. Its effect on earth is immense. The sexual urge in human-beings and animals is warmly connected with the different phases of the Moon. In fact, the significance of the Moon is so great that it is called Chakshusi (eye-sight).

The Sun and Moon are the two eyes of the universe. The Moon is very important in Hindu Vedic Astrology and it is used as an ascendant, and all transit predictions are made from the position of the Moon. The Moon’s natal position decides the planetary periods and is a very influential predictive system which other astrological systems do not have. The symbol of the Moon is the most mysterious and the planet itself is not less so. The stability and growth of a human being largely depends upon one’s psycho-mental food and happiness. The Moon symbol in a very simple manner shows the supernatural nature of the planet and its relationship with the Sun.

The Sun is the soul of the Universe. The Moon does not sparkle with its own light but imitates the life-giving energy flowing from the Sun. The Sun gives life to the whole planetary system, while the Moon specially directs life to our globe. The Moon is a reflecting medium only so it is incapable of causing any real harm. The Sun represents the positive, or yang polarisation, the father belief, whereas the Moon represents the yin polarisation, the mother belief. It is inactive, womb-like, caring; consolidate the growth of its offspring, takes interest in every action of her child. The qualities of the Moon are capable of producing good or bad depending on its associations with other planets. Astrologically, the Moon reinforces all planets related with it except Saturn, which oppresses the growing life-energy at every level. The Moon reflects the joy and sharing with peace of mind, however an afflicted Moon indicates the neglect and removal you experience with losing peace. The Moon is the soul of our heart which experiences through the sense mind and body, the most easily hurt and the most vulnerable.

The influence of the Moon in different signs as calculated by Vedic astrology may be as follows:

•Aries Moon: Daring, fervent, unsteady mind, and womaniser.

•Taurus Moon: Easy-going, general, good friend, loved by ladies, happy in middle and end of life.

•Gemini Moon: Psychologist, scientist, diplomat, fond of women, sweet spoken.

•Cancer Moon: Clairvoyant, dependable and loyal friend, own houses and gardens. It gives a calm heart and motherly warmth.

•Leo Moon: Active, few children, women-hater, pleased, annoyed unhealthy stomach, teeth and mental anguish.

•Virgo Moon: Sweet-tongued, brainy, ingenious in arts and scriptures, causes daughters and exist in in a foreign land.

•Libra Moon: Travelling, sarcastic, happy, obliging but rejected by relations, worshipper of Gods, priests and holy-men.

•Scorpio Moon: Respected by Royal family, overpowering and concealer of dishonesties.

•Sagittarius Moon: Poetic, liberal, intelligent, inherits property from father, hates relations and get over by fair means.

•Capricorn Moon: Enjoys likings of wife and children, dramatic in charity, idle but learned, general, nomad, unashamed, painful and miserable.

•Aquarius Moon: Well-built build, extramarital, unfortunate, double-dealer.

•Pisces Moon: Erudite, loving of wife and clothes.


•When two or more people in a family born in the same Nakshatraa.

•Moon weak in Shad Bal.

•When Moon is placed in Lagna.

•Moon anguish from Kemdrum Yoga as there is no planet in front or behind Moon.

•Malefic planets in front and behind of Moon.

•Moon near to Sun in 6, 8, 12 houses.

•Moon is close to Rahu, or birth during a lunar eclipse.

•Moon in Scorpio, which is its Neech sign.

•Birth on the fifteenth lunar date of the dark fortnight.

•Birth in Gand Mool Nakshatras


If Moon is weak in your horoscope, and you are facing its unpromising influence, you should follow some astrological remedies to reduce the negative effects of weak moon.

•Donation with a pure heart to minimize the evil influence of Moon on your life can reduce your problems.

•Donate white clothes, milk, silver, rice, etc. offer water to thirsty people. Donation of Moon’s gemstones is also very good.

•Donations should be done on Mondays and time should be evening hours. Donations should be given to women as it is considered good.

•Keep fast on Mondays. Feed a cow with wheat-bread and crows with rice mixed with sugar. Serve milk dessert to poor people and Brahmins.

•Take care of your mother and other elderly female persons.

•Avoid taking milk every day. Stop wearing white clothes, and perfumes.


If a close relation in a family like parents and children or siblings are born in the same Nakshatra (any two relatives), then due to weak moon limited fortune and reduced vitality is caused for both. Choose a Monday within three or fourth days of the full Moon day. A Monday falling on the full Moon day is better for this remedy. The Tithi or the lunar date should not be a Rikt Tithi. The first Tithi of the Shukl Paksh (Bright Fortnight) is called Nanda. The successive tithes are called Bhadra, Jaya, Rikta and Poorna. This arrangement of lunar dates repeats itself thrice.

Make a place for a Yagya or homa and put a pitcher of water in the North east part of this place. Cover the pitcher with a new piece of red cloth. Keep 27 small mounds representing 27 Nakshatras. Start the ritual by chanting the appropriate Mantras for all nine planets. Then recite the Mantras for individual Nakshatras starting from Ashwini and ending with Revati. This is followed by 108 offerings of Ghee (clarified butter) and other Havan Samagri along with reciting of the Mantras connected to one’s birth Nakshatra. This will remove the problem caused by the birth in the same Nakshatra.

Keep the 27 mounds outside for birds etc. Sprinkle the water of the pitcher over the people involved and also all over the house. Pour remaining water in a Tulsi plant (or any other vegetation). Take out some of the ashes and keep aside by the affected people in a safe place. Bury the rest of the ashes.

You should seek the help of an expert astrologer if you are facing problems due to weak moon. Have faith in Vedic Astrology and make your life more beautiful and peaceful.